Couples Workshop Part 1 and 2 (3. - 4. August)

Workshop Outline

The course takes place in an intimate setting. Each couple has their own private spot where they can work on their massage skills under our supervision. In this mindful space, should you wish for more privacy, we can also set up screens upon request. However, we structure both the space and the teachings to keep focus and concentration between you, as a couple, to build intimacy and experience one another. We open the space to group sharing and communal time in the breaks and after the course; an opportunity many find to be of great value.


On the first day, we demonstrate the tantric ritual and then invite you to perform your own massage with your partner. During the second day, we deepen our practice of tantric touch including intimate massage. We guide you through the basics of lingam (penis) and yoni (vulva) massage. You will learn specific genital massage techniques, breath-work to compliment the flow and spread of sexual energy and witness how this deeply profound ancient massage technique can bring the body into states of expansion and ecstasy. Under Rebecca’s competent guidance and coaching, you can learn a massage technique that enriches and enhances your relationship, leading you to new depths of intimacy and connection.


In the exercises as in the massage ritual, you will be guided and supported as individuals, and most importantly as a couple.

Rebecca Jackson

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